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Worldwide, Many computer are infected with Ransomware. Till we secure our server and Gateway. Please avoid the following

01. Sharing Files PC to PC thru USB
02. Opening the Attachment from Unknown Sender
03. Running Macros in Excel or Access
04. Installing unknown programs from Internet

What is Ransomware?
Ransomware is a type of computer malware that encrypts files, disks and locks computers. The hacker then demands a ransom for a decryption tool which has to be paid within a stipulated time in the form of bitcoins.

What if you are already infected?
If you notice the below ransomware activation notice screen on your computer then you are a victim of this ransomware. Follow these steps immediately to reduce the impact:

1. Disconnect all network connections and external storage immediately.
2. Shutdown the computer and inform the IT team.
3. Do not pay any ransom to the hacker as this fuels the illegal ecosystem and there is no guarantee that you will get the data back.